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Franklinton - The Oldest Community of Central Ohio

Without Franklinton, there would be no Columbus.  Franklinton had about a good 15 years on Columbus, when it was founded by Virginian Lucas Sullivant in 1797.   Franklinton is seeing a resurgence and revitalization in the 2010s.  Urban Scrawl is this weekend at 400 West Rich Street, home of the Franklinton Arts District.

1) Welcome to Franklinton- The welcome sign at West Broad Street, just east of the I-70 exit ramp.

2) Tommy’s Diner- One of the more prominent neighborhood businesses along West Broad Street in Franklinton.

3) Gladden Community House

4) Mount Carmel West

5) The Deardurff House- One who is reading this blog from New Albany, North Hollywood, or even the Black Forest, is probably asking, “Why is this tattered old house here?”  Well, it is the oldest-standing house in Franklin County, built in 1807.  The house still stands on South Gift Street in East Franklinton.

6) The Harrison House- On West Broad Street, folklore suggests that General William Henry Harrison had a camp here during the War of 1812.  I might be wrong about it, but this house was built in 1870.

7) Holy Family Parish- Built in 1870, this Catholic church serves the Franklinton area. 

8) Cooper Stadium- While the Columbus Clippers no longer play there, the old ballpark, to the south of Franklinton proper, drew people over to the Franklinton area.

9) Mount Calvary Cemetery- To the east of Cooper Stadium, on West Mound Street is this cemetery.

10) 400 West Rich Street- Perhaps the catalyst of creativity for the Franklinton neighborhood is this abandoned warehouse, turned art incubator.  400 West Rich Street has art events from time to time, including the Urban Scrawl, which was first held there last year, and will be there again this weekend (August 25 & 26).