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Reynoldsburg - The Birthplace of the Tomato

The 47th Annual Tomato Festival is this weekend at Huber Park in Reynoldsburg.  The modern-day vegetable was born in the east side suburb of Columbus in the 1870s on Alexander W. Livingston’s Seed Farm.

1) Crossroads Sign (this is not here anymore, but when I took this picture, four years ago, this sign was at the corner of Livingston Ave. & Brice Rd.)

2) Memory Footbridge- On the Reynoldsburg-Truro Historical Society website (, there is a webpage dedicated to this very footbridge, which is located over the French run, just north of Main Street, near the intersection of French Drive and Epworth Avenue.

3) Old Post Office- To the west of the Footbridge is a Dance Studio, which used to be the location for the Post Office.

4) The Livingston House- This is the home of Alexander W. Livingston, on Graham Road.  This is now a museum operated by…

5) The Reynoldsburg-Truro Historical Society- The historical society of Reynoldsburg and Truro Township.

6) French House- One of the historical homes in Reynoldsburg, it is now some kind of salon business.

7) Tomato Festival Queen- The crowning of the Tomato Festival Queen is one of the highlights of the Tomato Festival.

8) Blacklick Woods Metro Park- This Metro Park is on the southeast corner of the city, along Livingston Avenue, Blacklick Creek, and I-70.

9) Storefronts on Main Street- Olde Reynoldsburg has unique businesses, including Pie’s Pizza (on Main St. & Graham Rd.), which is to the east of the Olde Reynoldsburg District.  The first Saturday of December is “Christmas on the Towne” in the Olde Reynoldsburg District.

10) Reynoldsburg Mural- Public art in public spaces?  This is a mural depicting the history of Reynoldsburg, from the development of the paragon tomato, to Reynoldsburg’s involvement with the Underground Railroad.  The mural is located on the corner of Main Street and Lancaster Avenue (US-40 and State Route 256).

11- Bonus) The Pour House Cafe ( The Pour House Cafe was a Reynoldsburg favorite that was in business from 1963 to 2002.  The Pour House was torn down a few years later, and a Credit Union was built on the site of the Pour House.  There is a new Pour House restaurant (no relation) in Olde Gahanna, just south of the Creekside development.