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Upper Arlington

This will be one of the Bicentennial Minutes that will premiere on WCRS during the Bryan Awards, but until then…In 1918, the Thompson Brothers- Ben and King plotted land north of Grandview Heights.

1) Upper Arlington Rock - One of several markers in the city (Riverside Drive and either Cambridge Blvd./Trabue Rd., Lane Ave., Fishinger Rd., or Lane Rd.; Kenny Rd. and Kendale Dr.; Northwest Blvd. and North Star Rd.)

2) Huffman’s Market- In the Tremont Shopping Center

3) St. Agatha Parish- On Northam Rd., next to Northam Park

4) Fire Station- On Arlington Avenue in Olde Arlington, across from the Arlington Mallway

5) Jones Middle School- Behind the Arlington Mallway, this was the location for Upper Arlington High School until the mid-1950s.

6) Upper Arlington’s Wall of Famous People- Located outside of Upper Arlington City Hall (at the corner of Tremont & Kenny Rds.), these were Upper Arlington residents that were famous in the community, like these two pictured here: Woody Hayes (yes, that Woody Hayes) and Marv Moorehead.  The latter was the head football coach (and the namesake for the stadium at Upper Arlington High School) for the Upper Arlington Golden Bears from 1955 to 1969.  Other Famous People include the Thompson Brothers (the founders of UA), John W. Galbreath, and Stefanie Spielman.

7) July 4th In Upper Arlington

8) St. Andrew Parish- This is St. Agatha’s big little brother to the north, on the corner of McCoy and Reed Rds.

9) Golden Bear Center- The Mascot of this little Shopping Center on US-33 and Fishinger Road

10) Amelita Mirolo Barn (at Sunny 95 Park)- I wonder what it would be like if WCRS (or WOSU, WCBE, WNCI, CD102.5, WOBN, WVKO, Power 107.5, etc.) had their own park named after them.  Only one radio station that I can think of (at least in this market) does, and this barn (and park) are right next door to their operations- think the sun (as their mascot).  This barn (originally located elsewhere in Upper Arlington) was dismantled, put back together, and renovated and relocated to the corner of Windham Rd. and Carriage Hill Lane, between Sunny 95 and Greenesview Elementary School, in Sunny 95 (nee Langston) Park.