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While doing research for an upcoming Bicentennial Minute (Groveport AND Canal Winchester jointly together, coming soon to a Community Radio dial near you)- I asked this question: Wert’s Grove or Rarey’s Port?  What would have been the better name.  We may never know, but the dispute of the two names is the basis for the Village of Groveport’s name.

1) Welcome to Groveport

2) Groveport Log House: This house was discovered in the mid-1970s when a house was being dismantled to make way for a new post office.  The Groveport Historical Society took possession of the log house on the condition that they move the Log House to a new location, which they did, along Heritage Park.

3) Groveport Town Hall

4) Groveport Elementary School- This is where the high school was until the 1950s, it is now an elementary school.  The high school moved to a new location at the former site of the Elmont Hotel (a turn of the 20th Century hotel that was razed in 1950).  Groveport High School moved to its current location in 1971.

5) Train Tracks- There was a train line that went through Groveport to Canal Winchester, and there are train tracks along Blacklick Street in the Village.

6) This was an animal feedery of some sort, on Front Street (near Ebright Rd.)

7) Little Italy

8) Groveport Veterans Park- This park was built in 1997 to honor Groveport’s military veterans

9) Mott’s Military Museum- You’ve probably seen the jeeps and what-not at July Fourth parades, Mott’s Military Museum is on Hamilton Road just north of the Village proper.

10) Groveport Zion Lutheran Church (now New Hope Community Church)- This is one of a few churchs in the Village proper