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Comfest 2012- “The People, Yes!”/The Party with a Purpose: The Complete 40th Season

In case you missed it, the “Party with a Purpose”, better known as the Community Festival (or ComFest for short) was held at Goodale Park.  This was the 40th anniversary of ComFest, which was first held in May of 1972 at the corner of 16th & Waldeck Avenues in the University District, and moved to Goodale Park in 1993.

1) Lincoln Goodale in Comfest Tie-Dye.  This is the 20th ComFest in the park that Dr. Goodale provided, having originated at the corner of 16th and Waldeck in May of 1972 (last week’s DJBC Happy Hour referred to the first ComFest being in the Summer of 1972, which was inaccurate, my apologies), and then moved in 1983 to where the Victorian Gate condos are presently.

2) The Gazebo Stage- One of now seven stages (Peace Village was added this year) at ComFest.  The Salty Caramels (seen performing at the stage) performed there this weekend at this stage at the Goodale Park Gazebo.

3) The Bozo Stage- Another stage, commonly known as (unoffically) the “Main Stage”, right by the Goodale Park Shelter House.  The Regrettes (seen performing on the stage) performed on the Bozo Stage this weekend.

4) “Good Vibes T-Shirt”- A quasi-throwback T-shirt to Comfest, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary.  This T-shirt is loosely based off of the 1973 and 1982 Comfest T-shirts.

5) 1980 Comfest Program Guide

6) “Frack Me, Frack You”- A skit on fracking, one of the hot-button topics in Ohio for the past year.

7) Solar Panels by the Solar Stage

8) The Fish Boat- A ComFest delicacy (as is the Turkey leg, which I did not even eat)

9) The “I Wish You Jazz” Stage (at the intersection of Goodale and Park Streets), this is the first stage you see if you come in from Goodale or from the Arena District, and it is very noticeable.

10) Art Cars (to the west of the Shelter House) are a ComFest tradition in its own.  But at the HOT Times Festival, there is a section for the Art Cars.