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Harrison West (Bicentennial Neighborhood Trip of the Week)

You may only associate the Short North with just High Street, but the Short North, like the Hilltop, Northland, Near East Side, Clintonville, the University District, and the South Side, is a group of smaller neighborhoods put together as one.  This is the gateway to the Short North from the west (think Grandview), and the western most neighborhood in the Short North, and is more laid back than High Street, Dennison Place (which overlaps with the University District), or the larger Victorian Village and Italian Village.

Northern Boundary- Fifth Avenue
Eastern Boundary- Neil Avenue
Western Boundary- Olentangy River/SR 315
Southern Boundary- First Avenue

1) Old Harrison West Sign (5th Avenue)- This is what the “Welcome” sign looked like before the Short North wanted a more “unified” welcome sign for this, Dennison Place, The Circles, Victorian Village, and Italian Village.
2) Old First Avenue School (Harrison Avenue & 1st Avenue)- Built in 1874, this former school is now office space.
3) Old Fourth Avenue School (Fourth Avenue & Michigan Avenue)- Another former school, this is now living space, I think.
4) Harrison Bed and Breakfast (Fifth Avenue & Harrison Avenue)- A bed and breakfast in the area
5) Side by Side Park (Third Avenue by the Olentangy River)- this little pocket park on the east side of the Olentangy River is the entrance to the neighborhood on Third Avenue, coming from Grandview/5th by Northwest.
6) Church on 3rd Avenue (Third Avenue & Oregon Avenue)- this church is celebrating it’s Centennial this year.  I kept going past it whenever I caught the # 3 bus past it, and wanted to include it in the photospread.
7) Church on 1st Avenue (First Avenue & Oregon Avenue)- I don’t know what I did with my camera to distort the quality of the photo, but is it artistic enough?
8] Gazebo at Harrison Park (First Avenue)- This little park is where First Avenue deadends, along the Olentangy River
9) New Homes in Harrison West
10) The New Uniformed Welcome Sign (like the ones in Victorian Village, Italian Village, The Circles, and Dennison Place)- see # 1